Collection: The Boudoir Collection

The Fall ‘22 Boudoir Collection expands on our existing nude offerings, to provide nude luxury nail lacquers that deliver inclusivity and sexiness.
We begin with Negligee. A delicate warm nude that is sheer and elegant. Then transition to our popular chocolate brown named Somebody’s Son, which gives nod to the fun and flirtatious spirit of Cuffin’ Season (aka fall). After your rendezvous with Somebody’s Son, prepare for a snuggle session with Cuddle Buddy; our warm playful brown that applies seamlessly onto nails.
To highlight the sexiness and empowerment that’s felt after preparing in a boudoir, we named the collection Boudoir, to exemplify the beauty of being undressed.
In its simplest and purest form, beauty is within. When in a traditional boudoir, the process of undressing and slipping into something comfortable, that feels good on the skin, inspired us to develop a collection of nudes that celebrated nudity, while promoting confidence and sexiness. Using nudes as the foundation and the boudoir as the landscape, we’ve created a collection of nude nail lacquers with complimentary accent shades such as Blindfold and Exude, that invite you to explore and find the nude that’s right for you. 
Our luxe gold nail lacquer Exude, is a reminder to exude confidence and your light from within. While the richness of Do Not Disturb, our deeper chocolate brown, gives nod to the signs placed on doorknobs when it’s time to turn the sexy on and disturbances off. Blindfold, our black nail lacquer, applies like silk and is as enchanting as it’s name.
There’s a sexiness that shines through each polish in this collection. Prepare to step into the Boudoir.