Our Story

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Janet & Jo. is the namesake of my two grandmother's,
who with my mother, influenced me tremendously.
For as long as I can remember, I have had a passion (borderline obsession) for nail polish. I remember mixing polishes together when I was a little girl in failed attempts to create the colors I envisioned in my head.
Throughout my life I watched my mother battle breast cancer. Over a 30 year period, my mother courageously battled breast cancer three times. While I was creating Janet & Jo. my mother battled cancer her fourth and final time. I lost my mother to brain cancer nine days after launching this company.  
My experiences of watching my mother battle cancer and also losing my Grandmother Jo., who is half the company's namesake, to breast cancer, led to my commitment to provide a clean alternative to traditional polishes, after I learned of the toxins and carcinogens contained in polishes and nail products. Throughout my journey of creating Janet & Jo. I have remained mindful of the ingredients, without compromising the quality or vibrancy of our nail lacquers. 
The end result are Janet & Jo. Luxury Nail Lacquers 
Vegan, cruelty free, vibrant nail lacquers, that are free of at least 10 toxic ingredients found in nail products with proven linkages to cancer, birth defects, reproductive issues, and allergens. 
Our mission at Janet & Jo. is to educate and inspire,
through our nail lacquers and the stories behind their names.
I chose a pineapple as our logo because pineapple's represent hospitality. Through Janet & Jo. I share my story and a little piece of my home with you. When you experience our products and read the stories behind our polish names, I hope you leave feeling inspired and recharged for whatever challenge life throws your way.
Welcome home. Janet & Jo. logo 

Yass Girl Yasss! nail lacquer - Janet & Jo.