Classic's Redefined - Our Signature Red's

Courage nail lacquer - Janet & Jo.
Nothing is more classic than a red manicure. 
Our signature red nail lacquers were carefully crafted to compliment an array of complexions.
Flagship, the softest of our red nail lacquers,
is dedicated to our Founders grandmother and half our namesake- Jo.
Courage, a bold crimson is dedicated to our Founders mother
who courageously battled cancer four times.
Change Agent is rich and as deep as the sea, is 
dedicated to the Change Agents of our past, present and future.
The latest addition to our family of red nail lacquers is, Melinda.
A bright red nail lacquer that is the most universal of our reds. It's warm, bright and bold. Discover Melinda and the stories behind our polish names on their product pages! View them all here!
Every shade has a story, and every story has a shade.
What will your story be?