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Our Story

Through my passion for polish, Janet & Jo. was born. 

Janet & Jo. is the namesake of my two grandmother's, who with my mother, influenced me tremendously.

For as long as I can remember, I have had a passion for polish (borderline obsession) and would mix polishes together until I achieved the colors I envisioned in my head.

Throughout my life I watched my mother battle breast cancer, 3x over a span of 30 years, and I later lost my Grandma Jo. (1/2 of the company's namesake) to the same disease. These experiences of watching the people I love battle cancer led to my commitment to provide a clean alternative to traditional polishes, after I learned of the toxic carcinogens contained in polishes and nail products. Throughout this journey of creating Janet & Jo. I have remained mindful of the ingredients, without compromising the quality or vibrancy of our lacquers. 


The end result are Janet & Jo. Luxury Nail Lacquers - vegan, cruelty free, luxury nail lacquers, that are free of 10 ingredients commonly found in nail products linked to cancer, birth defects, reproductive issues, and allergens. 

My goal is to educate and inspire you through our nail lacquers and the stories behind their names.

Try Janet & Jo. and experience the 10-free difference!

It's rather simple- pineapple's represent hospitality.


Janet & Jo. is more than a company, we're a family brand. I named the company after my two grandmother's as an homage to the maternal and paternal sides of my family. Behind each nail lacquer is a story. Through the stories behind the shades in our debut collection, I share a piece of myself with you and welcome you into my home.

why the pineapple?

Two Pens on Notebook

At Janet & Jo. , we welcome you to share your stories with us.

Where were you? What made you choose that shade?

Moreover, What's your story? 

Write to us!

Photo by Phelan Marc for the District of Fashion Show

Feel free to shoot us an email, Tweet, or tag us on Instagram, when wearing your Janet & Jo., and tell us your story.

We love to share moments with you, and embrace what makes us all unique- our stories.


Welcome home.

-Kendra Woolridge 

Founder, Janet & Jo. 


From Saved, our soft and romantic pink, dedicated to my grandmother Janet, to Flagship our signature red nail lacquer created as a homage to the color my Grandma Jo. wore on her nails every single day to our limited edition Queen Collection nail lacquers dedicated to my Mother.

 beyond polish 





Each polish within our debut collection, tells a piece of my story and the inspiring stories of those who have inspired me, so that you too will be inspired.


Make our polish your own.

When you wear your Janet & Jo. 

tell me,  

What's Your Story?  

Janet & Jo. Founder
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